Dino Lab: Triceratops Talk - Free for Dadventures Members

Dino Lab: Triceratops Talk - Free for Dadventures Members

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Free for Dadventures Members

Raptors, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, oh my!

Explore the prehistoric world with your friendly and knowledgeable dino guides in this virtual 4 part weekly segment. Be prepared to discover the secrets lying just beneath the surface from 65 million years ago. Help our team uncover fossils, meet a variety of real prehistoric creatures and see how large dinosaurs really were. Bring your questions, curiosity, and be ready to have fun!




Available Dates & Topics:

1) May 22nd (3 PM ET / 12PM PT) - Who are the Dinosaurs

2) May 29th (3 PM ET / 12PM PT) - The Life and Death of a T Rex 

3) June 5th (3 PM ET / 12PM PT) - Fascinating Fossils

4) June 12th (3 PM ET / 12PM PT) - Triceratops Talks 


 🧒 – Recommended Ages 5+

⏰ – 50 Minutes - 1 Hour

💻 – Join from your computer, phone, or tablet using Zoom

Equipment Needed: Strongly recommend using a Laptop/Desktop computer with Zoom installed

Got Questions? Text us or Email us!

Text: (323) 968-6849 

Email: support@dadventures.com